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On the Property


Pennyroyal Otways Retreat is home to a large number of animals and spectacular native trees. We are on a sprawling 60 acres of farmland with alpacas, sheep residing in the fields below each cottage. Native birds,platypus, kangaroos and echidnas are just a number of the many flora and fauna inhabiting this peaceful property. The  Alpacas are gentle & curious animals, we encourage you to walk around the grounds and admire these amazing creatures.  They can be a little timid but a handful of grass might encourage them over.

Pennyroyal Creek

We are privileged to have this beautiful creek meandering through the property. The  purposefully planted native trees that line its banks provide a natural corridor for local wildlife to journey into the state forests. If you're patient and quiet you may be fortunate enough to spot yourself a platypus but ssshhh!




The Lakes

Ideally positioned, we have two lakes that provide great enjoyment for our guests. The sweeping stretch of flat grassy land around the water offers everyone the opportunity to picnic besides the lake, organise a game of cricket or simply doze in an outdoor chair under a shady willow tree. During the summer months the lake fills with the most spectacular water lilies - making for the perfect backdrop to a lazy day in the sunshine. Children and adults alike will enjoy taking the paddle boat out, fishing for yabbies or maybe a game of football or cricket on the grassy green flats.


Buddha’s  Garden

Located on a secluded path up amongst the manna gums and tree ferns, this peaceful hideaway is perfect for those wanting to find a place to meditate , practice thai chi or maybe just read a book. There are secret paths, winding trails and ferny nooks. Small wedding parties have found this to be an idyllic location - a little rain forest all to yourself !




The Barn

The Barn ... well don't let the name fool you - there has never been an animal in it! This wonderful eclectic space is perfect for guests to enjoy futztball, table tennis, table soccer or a few beers and a game of darts. The toys, bowling and bikes for little ones to play with keep everyone happy. Located amongst the towering gums on the forests edge,  its a peaceful hideaway that can be all yours.